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Polypropylene Capacitors

1.0uF-22uF 250V Treble Promise capacitance Polypropylene Audio Divider capacitor


10pcs/Lot CBB Polypropylene film capacitor 10nf 22nF 47nF 100nF 220nF 1uF etc.


CBB65 Capacitor Motor Start Running for Air Conditioner Polypropylene Film 100uF


Illinois MPH 1uf 1.0uf 400V 105c 10% Axial Polypropylene Capacitor 1mfd


.033uF 400V 5% Panasonic polypropylene capacitors 10 pcs


US Metallized Polypropylene Film 600uF AC 250V Motor Starting Capacitor 600MF


CBB Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors 630V 102J 222J 473J 474J 225J 475J etc.


(2) EPCOS 5uF 1300V 1kV 275V 250V 100V radial polypropylene capacitors


10 pcs BC Components .47uF 275VAC 275V 250V 100V X2 Polypropylene X2 capacitors


.1uF .1 uF 630V 10% Axial FILM Metalized Polypropylene Capacitor


4pcs 4.7uF 630V 300VAC 10% MKP X2 Kemet Metal Box Film Polypropylene Capacitor


Motor Run Polypropylene Film Capacitor 10uF 450V AC (250VAC, 370VAC) 5% (1 pc)


.01uF 275VAC 275V Illinois Capacitor X2 Safety polypropylene capacitors 25 pcs


6pcs Panasonic ECQ-F 223 J .22uF 400v Polypropylene Film Radial Capacitor


10 IC PWS .1uF 630V 10% Axial Polypropylene Capacitors


25pcs Arcotronics 1uF 250vdc 10% MKP Metallized Polypropylene Capacitor


4 pcs 2.2uF 400V 5% Topmay axial wrap and fill polypropylene capacitors


.01uF 275VAC 275V 250V 100V 10% NIC Component X2 polypropylene capacitors 25 pcs


10 pcs .047uf 250VAC 10% B81121C-G123 polypropylene film X2 Safety capacitors


Illinois Axial Polypropylene Capacitor, .0047uf @ 630VDC, 5 Pieces


.02uF 250V 2% precision BC Components MKP 418 polypropylene capacitors 25 pcs


Illinois Axial Polypropylene Capacitor, .01uf @ 630VDC, 5 Pieces


Motor Run Polypropylene Capacitor CBB60B 16uF 450VAC


(25) .3uF 0.3uF 63V Volts +/- 2% MKP radial metalized polypropylene capacitors


.033uF 63V 50V 2.5% WIMA FKP2 polypropylene capacitors audio 10 pcs


15pcs 0.68uf .68uF 400V 10% Axial Polypropylene Film Audio Illinois Capacitors


Illinois Axial Polypropylene Capacitor, .22uf @ 630VDC, 5 Pieces


10 pcs NEW Arcotronics 1uF 250V volt radial polypropylene capacitors


2 Ea of Aerovox 24uF 250V metalized polypropylene audio crossover capacitor


US Metallized Polypropylene Film 400uF AC 250V Motor Starting Capacitor 400MFD


Safety Capacitor Polypropylene 0.01uF X2 275V KEMET PHE840MK5100MK01R17T0 10pcs


(10) .33uF 275V 275VAC MKP 336 metalized polypropylene X2 Safety capacitors


2 NOS Arcotronics Radial .47uF 1000V 10% R76 MKP polypropylene capacitors


10 Pcs Sprague 730P .33Uf 100Vdc Metalized Polypropylene Capacitors


25 Arcotronics .1uF 250V 5% radial R75 MKP polypropylene capacitors US Seller


.68uF 100V 10% axial Thomson polypropylene capacitors 25 pcs


10uF 400V 10% Axial FILM Metalized Polypropylene Capacitor


1UF 100V Axial Polypropylene Film Audio Capacitor 735P Series (10 pcs)


25 Iskra .001uF 300VAC 300V 275V 250V 100V Y2 safety polypropylene capacitors


2 pcs NIC Components 6.8uF 250V volts 10% NPTM polypropylene capacitors


Illinois Axial Polypropylene Capacitor, .001uf @ 600VDC, 5 Pieces


10 NEW radial .082uF 400V 5% polypropylene capacitors long leads


470pF 400V 2% Vintage Axial Polypropylene Film Capacitor STK KP80S


two - WIMA MKP4 1uF 1000V Polypropylene Film Capacitors- AUDIO